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Topo Buckle

Fall 2021 / Second year project

Topo Buckle headphone designed for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers in

combination with the brand identity of Topo Design.

About Topo Design


Jed Rose and Mark Hansen

             Fort Collins, Colorado

Brand Values Inspired by:

• “Who they were and where they live”

• Modern functionality + classic style

• “Uncomplicated & utilitarian + simple design”

Brand Philosophy:

• Core element: Utility/ Sustainability/ Inclusivity

• Rooted: mountain culture & outdoor living






Not just about looking for the right form for the Topo designs, but also looking for color combinations that better match the Topo designs' style.


Jack port

White Power Button  
Long press for recharging headphone

Buckle Charge Attach

Key Feature:
The headphone can be recharges easily by press the button and buckled.

Double power guarantee, so that the headphone in the outdoor longer standby

Headphones feature intuitive touch control settings
For example, push the button on the left side to switch from Noise Cancelling to Ambient Sound or use the touch panel on the right side to play or pause music, skip tracks, change volume and much more. 

Beautiful Landscape
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