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"Ich selbst, Auch ich tanze" I Dance, I Dance Freely
(Spring 2023)

Metal Sculpture

In "Ich selbst, Auch ich tanze," I explore the intricate interplay between the self and the surrounding environment, as inspired by the evocative German poetry of Traum (Dream) by Hannah Arendt. Through the medium of metal and welding techniques, a captivating sculpture emerges, embodying a woman's body and body movement, encapsulating her emotions and loneliness.

I employ a series of metal pieces, meticulously welded together, to craft a three-dimensional representation of the female form. Each fragment resonates with symbolism, reflecting the multifaceted nature of human experience. The pink mesh and the white subject form a strong color contrast, and the mesh more prominently expresses the sense of freedom of the subject's sculptural form.

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